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‘A Wholesale Tourism Company’
We as Tourism Company are one of the world’s leading tour operators in B2B tourism services. We are proud to offer the low cost tour packages but without compromising quality. We have a team of highly skilled tourism professionals with a network of global trade partners. Fulfilling the needs of the fast-growing business-to-business travel industry, every one of us is dedicated to consolidate relationships that bring more business to our partners’ doors.

TI Global Travel Services assert TI’s position as one of the world’s leading wholesalers in hotels sales, transport and other ground services related to travel and tourism. Serving the fast-growing business-to-business travel industry, we build relationships with businesses that sell tourism products to travel agencies, tour operators and well-known online travel portals. We operate for both, FIT (Fully Independent Travel), Group Travel and travel for Meetings, on Incentive tours, for Conferences, Corporate gatherings, and other Events (MICE).

Our global network travel partners enable us to optimize the full inbound and outbound potential of each market and ensure we are perfectly placed to recognize and develop new and emerging opportunities. We always take full advantage from the knowledge of the world’s travelers and global booking trends to work for our customers. Our experts speak the language of their customers and live where their customers live. They understand very well how to succeed best in local markets and for the local business needs. Team of our professionals fully understands that travelling is an art but organizing a trip as per travelers needs is another art as well and are always strive to find the most relevant solutions when they need it. Whoever and wherever we are, every one of us is dedicated to bringing more and more business to our partners’ doors.

Doing business with TI does not mean only a commercial activity but it is much beyond that. Our focus is to save the heritage of global nations by bringing more and more tourists and at the same time creating new jobs in respective countries . Our mission is bringing people together across the continent that will improve interaction between the people and ultimately will bring peace through tourism.

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