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Welcome to Georgia

Georgia is now one of the leading tourism destinations of the world with a central geographical position among Caucasian countries. Georgia has almost everything for everyone; it has the old Christian Kingdoms, old Islamic Cultures, and the most beautiful mountains with the latest modern infrastructure makes the country a blend of old and new and one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Georgia is now developing its tourism potential at its fullest by offering accommodation for all budgets across the country and opportunities of tours by vehicle, foot or horse are expanding fast.

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‘A Wholesale Tourism Company’
We as Tourism Company are one of the world’s leading tour operators in B2B tourism services. We are proud to offer the low cost tour packages but without compromising quality. We have a team of highly skilled tourism professionals with a network of global trade partners. Fulfilling the needs of the fast-growing business-to-business travel industry, every one of us is dedicated to consolidate relationships that bring more business to our partners’ doors.

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